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Gear Junkie

Your gear won't make you a better woodsman or killer, but you're only as good as your weakest link and gear failures or even worse failing gear can and will take you out of the game. Here are some selections to keep you on your game.


Salewa Wildfire Edge GTX

Renowned in the world of mountaineering Salewa's Wildfire Edge is light, nimble and sturdy enough for just about any backcountry adventure.


Initial Ascent Packs

The IA pack system is bullet proof! Packs ranging from 2k to now offering 8000 cubic inches of pack space to accommodate ANY type of hunt scenario. Fully adjustable and user customizable, fit and function is definitely 5 star.

Western Fly Covers Pack Fly

Born out of necessity on the western slope of Colorado. Chasing elk in September in the high country, the weather can go from 80 degrees to cold and rainy to 15 and snowing at the blink of an eye. Keeping your critical gear protected and dry is a MUST. The Western Fly, pack fly is a must carry on your pursuits.

Salewa Raven 3 GTX

Bar none my favorite boot, period! Mile after mile comfort in varied terrain, from steep descents to miles of side hilling, technical terrain to the low elevation flats. Unmatched durability and longevity. I don't rush to get my Ravens off after a long day in the field.

IMG_3951 2.heic

RUT Holsters release aid holster

Retained Under Tension! I am constantly worried about my release aid and at times it can be a distraction, nothing worse than being in the moment of truth to realize your release isn't where you put it! I was tired of the constant visual check or fondling my harness. Rut Holsters offers a perfect solution with a perfect fit. 


Simply Savage Solutions Bow Hitch

Hands-free carry and zero effect to your bow. The Bow Hitch keeps your bow at the ready, an absolute necessity as a solo elk hunter running a call sequence, you'll never be caught away from your weapon by that bull that came in siilent. 

IMG_3821 2.HEIC

Western Fly Covers Hunters Tarp

Western Fly Covers Hunters Fly offers a ton of versatility and is light enough to carry in your pack whenever you leave base camp or the trailhead. As a ground cover, hammock fly, or trekking pole lean to it is a kit must-have.

Sig Sauer Zulu 6

Single-hand, use on the move, great size and weight for the performance. One of my favorite pieces of gear through all seasons! 12x42 imaged stabilized,  great glass for the money. 

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